The Curious Migration of to Woocommerce Ep1

Robt drawing on transparent panel

Update 6/1/2021 ~ When I asked developers quoting me $2500 and 2 weeks, how they would be doing this procedurally, they always deferred.

In that (7) migrations never took more than 6 hours 2, weeks was a red flag. Two competent developers I use, would’t touch it.

This non~coder is going it alone.

Anyone can migrate a WordPress site, including me – this ain’t your mother’s migration.

We think telling stories is more fun than asking for “migration quotes” while building our content creation library.

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115 Questions to Ask About Your eCommerce Site

hand with credit card coming out of notebook computer screen

Regarding buyer personas “Will there be enough traffic in these groups that will sustain a business and what products will be needed for each group?”


That is unpredictable and has to be tested on a group by group basis.


Unfortunately, there is no way to know where a visitor comes from on Facebook other than “Facebook”.


Having sold pet supplies on the web for 18 years, I can unequivocally say “building an eCommerce website is not a solution to your financial goals.

It’s the single biggest problem you’ll need to unravel for success”.


Oh yeah, when you get admin access, for the first time click on EVERY link up and down the dash.


Learn what each link does, what it tells you, or if activation is required for functionality.


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Sunday Matinee: Making Growth Happen Film Festival


Over the past several months, LinkedIn has premiered 10 animated short videos in our “Making Growth Happen” series. These videos condense the most useful wisdom from some of the best content marketers in the business into one-minute snippets. And now you can see these indispensable videos from the likes of Carla Johnson, Jay Acunzo, and Tim Washer all in one place.

You should be able to view all of these videos in about 10 minutes. That’s a small time investment for the content marketing wisdom of the ages.

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Are H1 Tags the Rice SEO’s Won’t Let Go Of?

Monkey with hand stuck inside coconut

File under “If you weren’t sure he’s losing it”.


Firstly some background.


Filipino monkey hunters have developed an efficient system for snaring the harmless creatures used over centuries.


They seek out trees that monkeys occupy.


Once the correct choice of trees is established the trappers:


  • Drill one hole in each coconut.
  • Fill each hard-shelled seed’s empty cavity with warm cooked rice.
  • Place the ancient style but effective “traps” along each tree’s base.


The anthropoid hunters will lie in wait, invisibly and patiently.


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