Some Death Sentences Are Avoidable, Others Not So Much

A death sentence can have multiple implications and interpretations depending on how you want to decipher the term.

 I’ve been wrestling with why there is such a cry for more stringent gun laws.

A mass shooter commits murder which is punishable by life imprisonment or death.

Do you really think he ( why are there no shes?)  was planning a brutal attack and then a law gets passed that makes his gun suddenly illegal?

He then asks rhetorically aloud, “should I risk adding another 15 – 30 years to my life sentence because I broke a new law?”



Another death sentence could be prescribed by your own health.

Remember Jim Fixx the first real runner with a mass following?

He dropped dead from a heart attack while running

“God gives you so many heartbeats,” former brother-in-law – board-certified radiologist.

I have had some terrible outcomes with the Franciscan health system in lake County, Indiana in 2022 which I summarize here.

I’ve got a handle on my health now under the care of a board-certified doctor of family medicine whos been my primary caregiver for 21 years, in Illinois at Northwest/Swedish Covenant Hospital.

My closest friend of 21 years has not been so fortunate.

In March 2020, Surgeons replaced three heart valves in  the man known by many as “Dago Joe.”

Some may say that sounds racist,  we will tell you to go f*** yourself.

The three heart valves got infected which then required treatment similar to dialysis, several days weekly. 

A  final diagnosis was made.

The three infected valves needed to be replaced.

In September 2020 Dago Joe underwent his second open heart surgery of the year at Cleveland Clinic.

Footnote, although they had no contact, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a patient during the same time period the doctors we discussing using a nylon or brass zipper in Joe’s chest, just in case…

Recovery was miserable.

His kidneys are damaged beyond repair

Another definition of “death sentence.”

He developed a well-earned aversion to human pathogen contamination.

In other words, there’s no goddamn way he’s going to get into a hermetically sealed tube with 100 upright mammals. spewing unfathomable toxins.

So what if you are 80 and you want to spend some time with an old flame who’s in Houston Texas a little more than 1100 miles away?

Driving is a fine alternative but solo given the state of today’s interstates and the lunatics that travel among them,  going alone can be scary.

A plan was hatched.

 I would be his travel companion, riding “shotgun” literally(?) (you never know with us), in both directions.

 Saturday, March 18th I’ll have breakfast in Lowell (Mcdonald’s steak bagel)  and drive to South Bend.

  I’ll follow Joe to South Bend Airport and leave my car in long-term parking.

Hop into the passenger seat, and let Joe take the first few hours while there’s daylight as my eyesight is better.

 I’m glad we did this week, the week after daylight savings time for allowing us probably to have another hour or two of Road time that we would have been lost otherwise

This will not be an economy “Motel 6” get there as quickly as you can road trip.

The plan is to “savior” this great country, while we can and while it’s still here.

Thus I advise people,  we have Lawyers Guns and Money so stay the f*** out of our way America.

The two of us have a combined age of 151, we’ve learned a thing or two.

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