The False Promises of Video Content for SEO

I’ve been an SEO since before Google bought Urchin.

My video SEO paradigm has always been “you’re wasting your time placing videos on your site without a  sitemap”

I was wrong.

I use site maps (yes Martha, you can have multiple site maps like these)

Yep, that’s 814 videos, but Google can only find about 1/3 of the videos

One error is “Google cannot determine video position and size”

Which is Google saying “we don’t know what our own videos look like”

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Never Self-Host Your Videos

I also have a ticket open on

Their software adds a second file to the video

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This second (MP4) file is triggering the error  “Google was unable to find a video that could be considered prominent enough to qualify as the video for this page. 

Google search console graphic
I’m done arguing with the internet so all the videos are coming home and will be served from a shiny new dedicated server on

Written by Mitch Rezman
Approved by Catherine Tobsing

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Clients rencently remodeled video library (only the straightest 2 X 4’s were used)  

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