eBay Added Words to a Listing Then Suspended Me for Them

That’s the least of my problems.

Editor’s note – have you ever gone shopping, have someone place an item from a store into your backpack than call security to accuse you of shoplifting?

Of course not but that’s what eBay did to me.

The 72-hour suspension began Nov 23, 2021 – today is Dec 5, and my listings still have not been reinstated.

Is it any wonder why eBay seller and buyer counts are down?

These were the verbatim listing titles, I ask you, the reader if you see the words “frames” or “frame” in the titles?

284537070130 – GAC Firearms Spanish Revolver 38SPC Parts Cylinder Grips Side Plate Trigger more

284539598259 – Taurus Mod 82 Satin Nickel 38 Spcl Revolver Parts-Cylinder Barrel Grips & more

Your account has been restricted because activity on it didn’t follow our Firearms and accessories policy. Firearms are not allowed. Listings for allowed firearm parts and accessories must follow strict guidelines.

What activity didn’t follow the policy?

We appreciate that you chose to list your item on eBay, however frames, including grip frames (grip module), pistol frames (also called a “frame casting,” “80% paperweight,” or “80% frame”) are not allowed the be listted on the site. <- note misspelling indicates this is a human

Here’s what “grips” look like”

Taurus model 82 revolver grips

For the uninitiated here’s what a pistol frame looks like

Pistol frame

Here’s what a revolver frame looks like

Revolver frame

Here’s the main image from one of the 2 delisted items – can someone identify a frame now that you know what they look like?

Taurus Mod 82 Satin Nickel 38 Spcl Vintage Revolver Parts - Rare - Hard to find

and the other

We’ve had 15 contacts with eBay support 

Powered by TinyTake Screen Capture

The first contact was a phone call but now in order to keep an inventory of stupid I have gone to chats so I have this all in transcripts and eBay’s Facebook page in writing if anybody is interested.

Here are some of the highlights of my first support telephone call 

Call # 1 (I’m abbreviating)

M: My account was suspended erroneously

E: You cannot take accessories off a gun and sell them on eBay

M: According to the email I received from eBay – Examples of allowed firearm parts and accessories:

  • – En bloc clips
  • – Barrels (exceptions: shotgun barrels less than 18 inches and rifle barrels less than 16 inches are prohibited)
  • – Bolts
  • – Choke tubes
  • – Cylinders
  • – Firing pins
  • – Hammers
  • – Slides
  • – Trigger assemblies

E: That is incorrect – no guns or accessories can be sold on eBay

M: I also sell caulking guns and paint sprayer guns (I don’t)

E: No, no guns of any sort on eBay – you must remove those listings or face further penalties – and then she hung up.

End Call

Oh wait – I do have the word “frame” in all my firearm parts listings the listings

There is no frame or receiver.”

We are experienced eBay sellers

06:20:59 UTC John Philip

I see you opened this account 16 years ago, thank you for your loyalty.

09:21:19 UTC windy_city_parrot

Why was my account suspended for selling something I did not nor do not sell

09:23:37 UTC Pekon

Well, I have checked your account and you have not been suspended but restricted. Your account will be back to normal state tomorrow after 11.55 PM –  (which would be 11/24)

Another chat on 11/23

09:33:16 UTC Pekon

I have put this request further for the proper evaluations. Please allow us 24 hours for this to clarify and we will mail you the details.

09:33:50 UTC windy_city_parrot

Thankyou for your help

Never received a follow up email

Speaking of not reading listings – this was the 3rd agent in this chat on 12/1

yes we were accused of listing “grip frames” We listed “grips” but no one looked at the listings no frames are listed i know what they are I am an amateur gunsmith

06:50:37 UTC windy_city_parrot

Either way it was a 3-day suspension 8 days ago

06:51:29 UTC Manish

Yes, this 3-day restriction has already been removed (it’s 12/5 and I see no listings)

06:52:31 UTC Manish

I appreciate that you chose to list your item on eBay, however grip frames (grip module) are not allowed the be listed on the site as per the policy

06:52:51 UTC windy_city_parrot


06:53:27 UTC windy_city_parrot


06:53:53 UTC Manish

We’re never looking to end listing from any of our seller’s accounts, especially sellers like you who have been with us for many years now. When we remove the items, we are also blocking our revenue and losing out on fees. We also know item removals make sellers upset. This is the reason listing removal would be our last resort.

06:54:40 UTC windy_city_parrot

It was in error – no frames nor the word frame appears in either listing

Manish goes on to observe

06:59:19 UTC Manish

The following are not allowed: Firearms of any type- Parts and accessories for assault weapons, including blueprints and instructions Any part or accessory in violation of local law- Firearm receivers, even if incomplete- Ammunition for firearms, including bullets, cartridges, casings, shells, and hulls The following firearm accessories are not allowed: Frames, kits used to create a firearm, polymer 80 frame kits, flash suppressors, silencers, sears, high capacity magazines that accept more than 10 rounds (even if they have been modified to accept fewer), magazine extenders, bump fire stocks, grenade launchers, and pistol conversion kits The following accessories for semiautomatic pistols are not allowed: Barrel shrouds, forward pistol grips, and threaded barrels

06:59:20 UTC windy_city_parrot

and I’m being penal financially for no reason

06:59:53 UTC windy_city_parrot

Not one of those items is in either listing

07:00:00 UTC windy_city_parrot

I was selling grips

07:00:17 UTC Manish

The item that you have listed, does it comply with California state law.

07:00:19 UTC windy_city_parrot

I sent a link to one of our many firearm parts which clearly states:

Shipping Restrictions: Currently we are not able to ship these products to the following state(s). HI DC MA IL NY MD CT CA

Why won’t anyone at eBay read the listings?

:19 UTC Manish

For now, I would request you not to relist this item on the site because if it gets removed again, your account might face further restriction, I would urge you to wait for the time being

07:19:58 UTC windy_city_parrot

for how much longer – we are 5 days past the suspension

07:20:18 UTC Manish

Just 24 hours more Catherine

07:20:48 UTC Manish

I am escalating this again leaving a note and I assure you that you wil get a response by tomorrow

07:20:56 UTC windy_city_parrot

OK Thank you – I’ll believe it when I see it

07:21:29 UTC Manish

I assure you, you have my word Cathrine

07:21:51 UTC windy_city_parrot

I trust you Manish – gotta go

07:22:04 UTC Manish

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Thank you for using eBay. Have a blessed day ahead!

I can go on, but you get the idea by now – that was 4 days ago.

We tried twice on the Facebook eBay page and got “oh that’s not right I’ll let IT know”

Nine days have passed since the original 72 hour suspension

  • 4 alleged support agents promised “it will be fixed in 24 hours”
  • 3 alleged support agents promised to “escalate the issue”
  • 3 alleged support agents promised  to “refresh the listings”
  • 2 alleged support agents promised to let “IT know”

Yet after 9 days I’m missing – $12,000 in inventory and $1500 per month in revenue. This isn’t simple negligence – it’s criminal

We are in our 60’s and rely on that money for extravagances like food, fuel and utilies

You can pontificate all you want on LinkedIn Jamie – eBay’s customer service exhibits a lack of training, and ignorance and defines incompetence – to your credit, it’s been like that for 16 years

eBay dumbasses contact on Mitch Rezman's Pixel 6

Written by Mitch Rezman


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