Politics and swimsuit babes should be the cornerstone of LinkedIn so get over it grumpy old white guys

Stick me with a fork I’m done – the sanctimonious social media cops need to understand that LinkedIn is a platform made of two parts SOCIAL & MEDIA

 Bikini mogul http://www.bikiniluxe.com/ Candice Galek runs a company that sells bikinis – and she posts swimsuit models on LinkedIn – hoping to SELL more Bikini’s – hmmmm – so these grumpy old men are saying these swimsuit models don’t belong on LinkedIn because they clearly prefer to look at pictures of more grumpy old men – what is wrong with you? 

“Politics should not be on LinkedIn” and yet – Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff proclaims 3rd political party of CEO’s (google it) 

The only thing that matters in politics is money and all the money comes from BUSINESSES seeking political favors – it does not come from the government as Obama would like you to think 

So clearly this is a case of the law of unexpected consequences at work – because the more you grumpy old white guys – the one’s whining about preferring to see more grumpy old white guys in rumpled suits rather gorgeous swimsuit models (a red flag for me and any therapist) the content you are creating for Candice – is the content that put her and her company’s name on Forbes – three times this week. 

How many times has your name or your company name shown up on Forbes – ever? 

I thought so. 

Well played grumpy old white guys 

written by mitch rezman

CMO Windy City Parrot 

Caveat: Something I learned long ago (I’ve been a YouTuber since 2006 and an on line retailer since 2002)  social media is organic – it will always run its own course without the help of anyone.

Whiners will always get culled from the herd.




Bruce Williams

Project Superintendent at Stethen Smith Construction

Way to go Mitch. I’ll post a picture of a concrete slab curing next to one of Candice’s new swim suits.Then compare likes. I put my money,on the swim suit. Even my wife of 33 years picks the swim suit.


Al Roessert

Co-Founder “You’re Hired Now” The Job Search Experts. Over 10,000 successful clients.

Mitch, thank you for the enlightened journey! Al

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