Why this merchant processor is making an angry old white guy angrier

I blogged about how cybersource used a shell game to keep MY money out of MY bank for weeks

In the 14 years we’ve been processing credit cards we’ve had a little over 20 merchant processors and a half a dozen gateways I’ll explain the difference in a moment.

The gateways aren’t too bad except when they stop working and I’ve suffered through days of broken gateways which is why we always have a redundant gateway in place should the current system break..

With merchant processors it’s a little tougher because they’re the ones that are depositing the money into your bank account via the ACH system.

This is an endorsement on the Flagship site.

” I would like to let you know about the service I received from my Account Representative from Flagship Merchant Services.

Through the process of re-opening my company, I anticipated an average interaction with setting up a merchant account. The goal was to call and then continue researching other possibilities.

Well, let me tell you that your representative did not make this situation very average.

He made this situation PERSONAL. Every question I had he was able to answer and yet execute his promises to complete the task at hand.

He was very professional and made me comfortable enough to forget about any other company. Having provided me with specific details and advice pertaining from opening an account to running it as well, he showed interest in my business and made me feel as if there were no one else in the Merchant Service industry to build rapport with.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity and pleasure of working with your representative and if I’m ever able to pay forward this service, I will refer anyone to Flagship”.

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Here’s my endorsement The 20+ merchant processors over 14 years they are liars, cheats thieves with Flagship a terrific representation of the group

First a brief explanation as to how this whole credit card money flow thing works.

You start with the website (and were just talking credit cards here not PayPal) And attach what is called a payment gateway (via API) we currently use http://www.authorize.net/ And have been using them on and off for seven years.

They are reliable and have good customer service. Their partner for merchant processing cyber source not so much you can read about that here.

Every 24 hours the payment gateway “batches out” in other words it takes all the money it’s collected in the past 24 hours and starts a new load of credit card charges to pass on to the merchant processor.

The gateway passes the funds via the batch to the merchant processor who then deposits the funds in the merchants bank. And here’s where it gets very opaque to me Flagship.

My original agreement with the salesman was to have a “zero day hold” meaning the authorize.net batch should flow into the merchant’s (my) bank account the next business day. Saturdays and Sundays don’t count – I get that.

With Flagship it took about 10 days to get that ironed out and to get everybody to agree that Windy City Parrot was on a zero day hold.

I needed to call flagship twice daily for 18 days until the money kinda started to flow.

We have been with Flagship since I think August we batch out seven days a week. Authorize.net says the batch cut off time needs to be 4 PM Eastern standard Time – we batch out at 3 PM Eastern standard Time every day

We never have zero sales thus we should always see a deposit into our bank Monday through Friday

We have not gotten deposits in our bank for five days in a work week – EVER!

Last week our batches from 10/20 – 10/21 – 10/22 – 10/23 all got deposited on Tuesday 10/25 making the batch from 10/20 4 business days old – 10/21 3 busines days old –

Yesterday Monday we received 2 batches – why not 3 Fri/sat/sun?

Today Tuesday there was no deposit from Flagship in spite of a batch report for Monday from Authorize.

Can somebody at Flagship Merchant processing explain to me why this is happening? I receive no deposit today but I did batch out yesterday – why is that?

Calls to your support department yield answers that are the equivalent to “so what’s your point?” I’m tired of the lies and disrespect and the violation of your own rules concerning zero day holds.

Somebody at Flagship needs to fix this – Because I’m going to blog about it till my fingers bleed


angry old white guy

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