How did CyberSource place a hold on funding with out a completed merchant application while not even being the merchant processor of record?

I have been communicating with

Michael B.

Underwriting Department


P.O. Box 947

American Fork, UT 84003-0947

Tel 888-317-6935 x1

[email protected] |

Michael B sends mail from “Christensen, Nathan” <[email protected]>

Nathan Christensen sent me this email 9/19/2016

Your merchant account application has been sent to our partner CyberSource.  An underwriter will be in contact with you concerning your merchant account application.

Often times there is additional information or verification that is needed by the underwriters before the application can be approved.

Please provide the requested information at your earliest convenience. CyberSource is a partner of Authorize.Net, you can feel secure sending them any information that is requested.

If you wish to speak directly with your underwriter …

Please let me know if you have any questions….

Thank you,


Nathan Christensen | Inside Sales Representative

CyberSource | Authorize.Net Small Business Unit

Tel 801.492.7015 | Fax 650-286-6657

[email protected] | |

the  801.492.7015 is disconnected

there was never a discussion with cybersource underwriting

Until last night 9/28/2016 –

from cyber source underwriting 10 days after I was told I would be contacted by underwriting

Dear Merchant,

Authorize.Net is dedicated to supporting your business needs and we work hard to deliver the highest quality financial products and services. We thank you for choosing us as your payment gateway provider and we look forward to working with you.

We are emailing this notice to inform you that your merchant account has been placed on 100% funding hold pending the following required information:

  • Please provide a voided check to verify the business account
  • Please provide a copy of the Drivers’ License verifying the home address listed on your application or provide verification in the form of a recent utility bill for gas, electricity, water or landline telephone showing the service address. PO Box is not acceptable.
  • Privacy Statement on your website. This should be clear and concise with a disclosure on what personal information is collected and tracked. It should include with whom, if anyone, you share your customer’s personal information.

Please return this information via email to [email protected] and include your Gateway ID number. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us at 1-888-317-6935 and choose option 1, or email us at [email protected] .



Underwriting Department

P.O. Box 947

American Fork, UT 84003-0947

Tel 888-317-6935 x1

[email protected]

here’s my question to ANYONE

Flagship is our merchant  processor in Authorize.nets system. cybersource placed a second hold on $900 based on an unapproved application – on 9/28/16 – if the app was approved cybersource would not have demanded additional documentation the evening of 9/28/16.

This was the same $900 hold that was released with cyber source under underwriting the morning of 9/26/2016.

Under whose authority can cybersource place holds having an incomplete (unapproved) never having spoken to cybersource  underwriting – application and is not the merchant processor of record?

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