When merchant processing goes sideways – expect it

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LinkedIn has gotten boring and uninformative.

All the supposed  SEO and eCommerce groups have become as tepid as a lukewarm single bag decaffeinated cup of green tea. “Content is king” – backlinks – due date hasn’t changed in a decade.

I’ll be coming at you like a cup of coffee with five-hour energy replacing cream – be ready to grab on.

All merchant processors are scum-sucking thieves.

In 14 years I’ve gone through 18 merchant processors – at one time I ran 110 websites mostly affiliate stuff but I needed to take money on the web in 2004 – so this is what I’ve learned over 12 years. Not once have I had a good experience.

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Why the Yoast SEO readability score is a bunch of cow dung.

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Here’s how I know.

I’ve been blogging for 10 years. I’m no Ernest Hemingway but I’m reasonably articulate and have several hundred thousand social media followers.

When I started seeing poor readability scores I began to test. I posted one Nobel prize winner’s article – an article written by three veteran reporters in the Washington Post and one article from a well-respected reporter with the Huffington Post.

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