Easy Hack For Getting Your Finances Under Control $20 At A Time

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I wrote the following post in 2013 but never published it.

Six years later we are under the same precept.

Recently, we took it up farther than we ever should.

We moved our home and Windy City Parrot operations from the geographical center of Chicago to Lowell, Indiana a town of about 10,000 people surrounded by corn farms.

There’s only 5 stops light from one end of the main street (which we are on) to another.

We now have one lease instead of 2 and 4 fewer utility bills while eliminating 2 buildings to maintain.

Our State Farm vehicle insurance and business insurance dropped 50%.

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When Did Woocommerce Stop Offering Support

I am sharing this Woocommerce support thread because it is troubling.


Spoiler alert – I paraphrase “this as expected but there is no documentation”


Obviously, I question “how would one know what to expect – when there are no instructions, knowledgebase articles or documentation on the subject?


Woocommerce support  is so out of touch, I’m sent a WORDPRESS document and told to figure it out


When I click the View link on my test site, I am redirected to the Shop page on the front end of my site. (This is as expected.)


When I click the Edit link, I am redirected to the user’s profile in the admin area. That’s where I would change a customer’s address or any other information.


We do not have documentation on this. It piggy-backs on the WordPress User system. Here is more information on that:



I’m building my first Woocommerce store possibly migrating my 17-year-old ecomm store that does mid 6-figures

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Why I’m Gifting SCORE a Holistic Marketing Evaluation

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Editor’s note:


When it comes to digital marketing evaluations, I am a mercenary, some of you will need steel-toed boots to read this.






I’m dedicating this to Bill Herring, chapter’s 310 chair, who can now throw away his diagram.


I’ve been with SCORE for 5 months.


I’ve been the director of digital marketing for chapter 310, Valparaiso IN, since December 2019.


I have my own digital marketing agency.


I’m doing this pro bono in addition to mentoring for SCORE.

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A personal warning to 3000 LinkedIn connections from mitchr

Homer Simpson having a meltdown

I really don’t give a RA (rats ass) about grammar – Look at what texting has done to the English language and tell me the English language of the 21st century looks anything like that of the 20th century.

this for Mitchell J Katz

Senior Public Affairs Specialist at Federal Trade Commission – Commented, 10 days ago

“Apparently, you don’t check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, however. Period at the end of a sentence, anyone?”

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I’m 65 & want to become a social media influencer – what are my chances?

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I’ve been examining latest trend in social media – they call it “influencer marketing”. I just read a post on LinkedIn asking for lists of “influencers”. A plethora of responses recommended this list and that list.

Not surprisingly my reply ran against the grain:

Correlation does not imply causation – everyone is assuming  a big list from an “influencer” implies an endless source of influential content – just for you – right? – and what’s the half life of an influencer? anyone remember Mari Smith or Jon Loomer way back in 2012?

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