Why Trying to Please Everyone is a Bad Strategy

Back in the time that fish and chicken were still used as barter, an old man and a young boy were leading a donkey into a village for supplies.


They needed to cross a bridge over a river to gain entry.


As they were walking they heard people mumble.

Listening closer a passerby said “look at that old man making that poor young boy walk when they have a perfectly good donkey?


The man and the boy looked at each other and then the lad got hoisted onto the donkeys back.


Moments later the following comment was uttered from a passerby’s lips “why is that old man walking when he has a perfectly good donkey to ride?”


man guiding boy on donkey


Again the travelers locked eyes and then the elderly pedestrian climbed onto the donkey.


Nearing the end of the bridge but still, on the bridge, a drifter was heard saying “look at those 2 riders putting a lot of stress on that old donkey.”


The boy turned sidesaddle so the two soon-to-be pedestrians could confer again and decided to carry the donkey.


Dismounting they began to lift the donkey over their heads but it was too much and the animal fell into the river.


The moral to this story?


“Don’t lose your ass trying to please everyone”



Written by Mitch Rezman
Approved by Catherine Tobsing

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