Should I Make My External Blog An On Site Blog?

Help: Danielle Emery Content Writer

My company has an external blog (Angela Says )

And we are wondering if it would be beneficial SEO-wise to move this blog to our main site (Kiwi Services ) or if we should keep it external and start a new blog for the main site.


The blog is currently written in the style of a lifestyle blogger but if moved, we’d change the style a little bit to be more formal, yet fun.


Currently, this blog provides value to the company via background brand exposure and occasional links.


What would the possible SEO side effects be with moving the blog or leaving the blog alone?


Mitch Rezman says


On page on site will always trump off page off site for SEO.


Also having an offsite blog and a website means you need to perform SEO and site maintenance on 2 web properties – who has the time?


The “experts” can duke it out but if you apply logic to this issue it’s an easy decision has no calls to actions nor obvious entry into the sales funnel thus every visitor to must somehow be “pushed” from the blog to the website.


Look at your current blog traffic and then look at referral traffic from the blog to the site.


All the visitors who read the blog but fail to come to the website are missed opportunities.


By embedding the blog into the first things they see are the CTAs at the top of the page and the category tree on the left. Increased conversion (call, email, ask a question) is a no brainer


Migrate the old blog via export or by hand including comments to the site and then shut it down.


Make sure you (if you have not done so already) install product/category/video sitemaps to ensure your site is getting indexed.


Then install some cookie tracking software that detects the users IP (geolocation) and serves up personalized information based on where they’re surfing from

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