Recap Of Google Small Business Meetup 10/09/2018 @ Tapster Chicago

Greetings Google small business event attendees.


Tapster is nothing short of amazing in how they come to market.

(although they should make their website HTTPS – we can help 🙂

I’d like to thank Google who sponsored the event, for their generosity.

I’m zero tolerance with alcohol (while driving) but I was using public transportation so knocking back $25 shots of 10 year old single malt whiskey was quite a pleasure and made me more social than normal.


Even the ice cubes were epic.


Flint, Google’s subcontracted photographer was proactive without being invasive and I look forward to seeing some of his images which I’ll add to this post upon receipt.


BTW – dude can you make your business card fonts any smaller and even less contrasty?


I enjoy a challenge.


I know we engaged on a lot of subjects so I thought I’d combine them into a single document, bringing them to life in a blog post.


ABM – Always Be Marketing.


I promised several people – information.


It’s here so all can benefit.


I’ve been doing e-commerce and SEO for 15 years – I am highly opinionated.


If anyone reading this has a need for my services or for clients, feel free to reach out.


A little about me 


File under “no one likes to hear their baby is ugly”.


In searching for John Le’s email I had to work hard to find it on



[email protected] should not be a tiny icon in the header.


It should be found on almost every page.


His page goes down as far as Asia where martial arts were born and at the bottom of the page is where the sign up window resides.


John, John, John – let’s move it to the top of the site and put it on more pages.


I would also break up the advice page into 10 or 12 individual pages making it all more “readable.”


Also consider migrating to using Star Wars quality tools like

You don’t have to spend a lot of money.


I’m currently migrating my 15 or so sites to this host 


To my new friends Liam and Francisco at Chimply Consultants LLC – don’t be afraid of WooCommerce.


In the next 4 to 6 weeks I will master the plug-in and I am now working feverishly on migrating about 150,000 entities using


In the meantime feel free to pick my brain about social.


This is my 264,000 fan page – I get it – it ain’t what you think it is.


Feel free to reach out should you wish to collaborate on any projects.


To Ian and his team @


Your homepage is like 25,000 pixels long with email sign up at the bottom along with about 25 links in the footer.


I would advocate that you get heat mapping software.


Look at or to evaluate the efficacy of link placement on your homepage.


Watch 10,000 visitors then call me in the morning.


I’m also serious as a heart attack about doing an interview with you about air quality as it relates to birds.


You’re about five blocks away so it shouldn’t be hard.


Air quality is a subject near and dear to my heart.


Here’s that video I mentioned about the “hillbilly air filter”.


Saving the best for last,  Kim @ Typing Etc! Inc.


She is still having a hard time wrapping her head around some of the ideas I presented to her for applying her skillset to content creation.


It’s much too detailed to expand upon in this email but I will start with this link so she can begin to understand some of the topics we spoke about.


I encourage Kim and anyone else reading this post to reach out for more granular information about WordPress/WooCommerce building, hosting and SEO.


I’m also including Andy from


I thought he would find it interesting that Google is quite proactive on the small business front.


Orbit media is the 900 pound gorilla in Chicago when it comes to website development and Andy is literally one of the foremost and respected SEO’s on the planet.


Editor’s note: signup box at TOP OF THE PAGE on orbit.


I would encourage all of you to attend – you won’t be disappointed.


In conclusion I am proud to say that I talk the talk and walk the walk.


If you read orbit media’s annual survey about bloggers you’ll find that I fall into the median of serious bloggers spending 20 to 30 hours a week creating content and pushing it live on the Internet via email while less and less via social media.


We have a renewed commitment to video after our mind blowing YouTube channel suspension

Now using Jet pack for video hosting

Let’s stay in touch.



email responses 10/10/2018

It was such a pleasure meeting you and the other members of Google’s Small Business Community yesterday. I want to thank Ian again for organizing the Meet-up. 
Mitch, I read your post and plan to add the webmaster tool you suggested to my website.
Also signed up with Orbit Media so I should be informed of the next Wine & Web event.
Again, it was a great event and I concur, let’s stay in touch!




[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

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