A personal warning to 3000 LinkedIn connections from mitchr

I really don’t give a RA (rats ass) about grammar – Look at what texting has done to the English language and tell me the English language of the 21st century looks anything like that of the 20th century.

this for Mitchell J Katz

Senior Public Affairs Specialist at Federal Trade Commission – Commented, 10 days ago

“Apparently, you don’t check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, however. Period at the end of a sentence, anyone?”

Thank you for taking the time to comment Mitch. To keep things tidy during this conversation I will refer to myself as Mitch. If I need to refer to you, you will be called Mitch squared.

Full transparency for readers of my soon to be very famous blog for digital marketing and open source e-commerce site building https://superezsystems.com/ (you have to start somewhere)

side trip: although new to posting articles on LinkedIn and blogging about all things digital I have been a blogger for about four or five years and have produced close to 1000 posts on the subject of caged bird keeping. http://www.windycityparrot.com/blog.html

(I can see Mitch squared getting nauseous as he reads this for the lack of capitalization and missing periods a curse for both writers and women).

That was terrible let me give you geeks a good geeky joke.

A photon walks into a hotel, then walks up to the desk.

The desk clerk asks “do you have any bags to check sir?”

The photon replies “why no, I’m traveling light.”

You can send royalties to [email protected]

so far this is not too bad in I have not even started to drink – I admit to drunk blogging which doesn’t help issue grammar issue either Mitch squared.

But you’ll notice I do take some off-road excursions and will now try to get back on topic.

In a direct answer to Mitch squared question about spellcheck and all that stuff?

Kinda sorta sometimes maybe.

I help out with marketing chores for my wife’s website and actually run the website in I’m her IT guy and I have four other WordPress blogs on my desktop. And the new F4 mentioned startup digital marketing agency.

I push out 2000 to 4000 words of fresh content for http://www.windycityparrot.com/blog.html and then push that content to 30,000 emails. We brand it as our Sunday Birdie Brunch – Really Useful Tips For Caged Bird Keepers Sent 7 Am Every Sunday Morning Wherever You Are On The Planet – and have not missed a week in four years.

“Hey Mitch Squared – Tell Me That Capitalized Case Sentences Aren’t Kind Of A Turn On?”

I’m also a terrible typist so I use Dragon Naturally Speaking which only fuels the un-grammatical fire.

So Mitch squared – here’s how I see things – after the oversight of migrating 1.8 million words from our old hosted site to a new Zen cart open source site I learned a lot about website content. (more on that fiasco coming soon) Our e-commerce website – if there’s a period missing it will be added.

When I’m chatting with folks on platforms like this – if you spell the word “recieve” when I before E belongs after C except for 932 exceptions? As long as the idea is conveyed does it really matter?

I know many people who are alone later in life because they spent their life looking for the perfect person which never existed much like the perfect blog post or LinkedIn article.

a little about me.

If you look at my profile picture you’ll know that I’m into birds and you probably think I’m into Harley motorcycles. Motorcycles yes Harleys no.

The V twin has been around since the 19th century – Harleys are slow, heavy, vibrate and cost more than a car these days.

I do have a kawasaki 77 KZ 1000 for noodling around town

I do 500 to 1000 push-ups at least four days a week. I stop when the urge to choke the life of a human being begins to leave my body.

I drink 1 of these a week

thanx for listening

Email Mitchr if you want to learn how to put more horsepower in your shopping cart

I really like horsepower (and torque) this is the motorcycle I drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKEuzxC4eGc





Gerald Zhang-Schmidt

how to #GetAtHome in this world

Insecurities showing? Lack of care and ignorance being celebrated? Sure, it’s annoying when people get hung up on every little punctuation “error” in a medium that thrives on linguistic invention, but a little attention might not be such a bad thing…



Mitch Rezman

CMO SEO Content Creator Avian Influencer Web Developer at WndyCityParrot.com & SuperEZSystems

I prefer to have discussions about the content not the grammar – sorry


Gerald Zhang-Schmidt

how to #GetAtHome in this world

Mitch Rezman Now *that* is a pretty good point. Made easier when not distracted by grammar and punctuation errors, perhaps, but a good point nonetheless. (Makes me wonder, actually, if the people complaining about such errors are the same people who complain about the superficiality of online discussions…)


Nora Caterino

ecommerce website admin, blogger, social media marketing

I luv it Mitch. When those Mitch squared types can’t read over a typo or missing comma, we all know they have several assistants who proofread and edit all their work and probably write most of it. This could only have been better if you HAD been drinking!!

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