How Obamacare is punishing my business & me

I’m type II diabetic – I see my physician four times a year – I’ve been seeing the same Physician for 14 years. Dr. J is tall good-looking – smart as a tack and always makes sure I’m in top health.

Before the recession I was paying $400 a month for a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy that pretty much paid out nothing. For a few years I gave it up.

When I would visit the good Dr. just prior to leaving I would present my debit card and I would be charged $52 for that visit.

Now we have Obamacare. The premium for me and my wife is $672 per month because we made the mistake of taking paychecks last year which all but eliminated our federal healthcare subsidy.

We have a $13,000 annual deductible – my last office visit was billed out at $520 and my responsibility is $240.

I take a drug called metformin for diabetes – Harkin our new insurer says they will cut me a deal and offer me a 30 day supply – max – for $24 a month.

Catherine, my wife signed up for a $13 a year pharmaceutical discount program through our supermarket – I am purchasing metformin at $24 for 90 day supply. Something my $672/mo premium insurer can not provide.

Because diabetes will do what it wants I’m having a difficult time keeping the disease at bay in spite of diet and exercise. Dr. J has added a drug called Trajendta to my regimen.

He has been providing me free samples so we can determine its efficacy before we create a prescription. In the meantime I’ve been getting cost “estimates” from supermarket pharmacies and Costco.

Trajendta – in the Chicago area will cost me between $380 and $425 a month – if I order online from my Canadian pharmacy the medication is manufactured in India and fulfilled from Singapore. It will cost me $50 a month.

Can someone tell me what is going on here? We’re going to spend $10,000 this year out of pocket with 80% going to a company forced on me by federal law.

Personally I call that extortion




Lourdes McCombs

President – Monark Virtual Services | Digital Support | Technology & Business Systems

Hi Mitch – it’s a darn shame. We’re all paying a lot more out of our pockets. Don’t forget the real cost of the drugs conversation. An epipen for the uninsured is now $600. However, since if you’re insured, the doctor hands you a coupon for $0.00 yes zero copay. At the doctors office the same drug cost $6/per tube but they can’t sell it only administer the drug. So, to m


Janet Holt

Parrot Rescue Enthusiast

You hit the nail on the head with this one. I will soon be forced to purchase my own insurance because of a change of life circumstance. The deductible alone will be above $6000 however due to the tax penalty associated with having no insurance I am looking at one evil vs the other. Between this issue, as well as the fear of a medical emergency I will be among the ranks

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